The Hockey PDOcast

Episode 372: Rebuilding the Sharks

Episode Summary

Sheng Peng joins the show to discuss why the San Jose Sharks suddenly find themselves in uncharted waters, what caused their nightmarish 2019-20 season and where the issues started, plus how they can ultimately get things back on track to prevent this from becoming the new normal for the organization. Topics include: 2:00 The price of being good for a long time 12:00 Death by 1000 cuts in summer of 2019 20:00 How they can fix things heading into next season 26:00 Separating goalie performance from defensive system 41:00 Running the offense through Brent Burns 46:00 Erik Karlsson's impact and availability 52:30 Marc-Edouard Vlasic's recent decline 1:03:00 The franchise's agenda moving forward